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Gay Zombie Porn Flick Pulled From Australian Film Festival!

Peeeenissss…… We neeeeeeeedddd Peeeeennniiiiisssssssss!

The Shirley Sherrod Debacle.

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Note that the following is the first thing I wrote about this whole this, which was posted at Gay Patriot:

After watching the full video, I conclude, that if the sole reason for her firing was this vid, Shirley Sherrod was wrongly terminated. Being a film major in college, and knowing just how manipulative a good editor can be, I can’t stand when video is edited. I railed against it when they aired the highly edited Charlie Gibson interview of Sarah Palin. You know I’m not a fan of hers, yet I came to her defense on that one, and I despise it here. Unless there is something we don’t yet know about this situation, the administration has some explaining to do.

Breitbart says he got only the edited version of the vid. I’m not quite buying that. Being a guy who is aware of the power of clever editing, I would think he would wait to see the unedited version before using the edited version. The unedited version makes him look like a liar. He could have been duped, but I don’t know if I buy that. I’m expecting more info to come out, and I’m thinking it’s going to get ugly on all sides. I’m going to blog on this tomorrow.

It’s now tomorrow, and I have a few things to say.

I was very busy when this first broke, but when I heard about it, I had the same feeling I had when I first heard about “B” girl’s supposed mugging for Obama. There was obviously information missing, and when that is evident in the political arena, you can usually be sure that something is rotten in Denmark.

Here is the deal. When you watch the first version of the video, it’s not really that damning in the first place. When she does talk about not helping the white farmer to the fullest extent, there is a bit of laughter and chuckling from a few in the crowd, but it’s not like the whole place erupted with applause. We know nothing about the few who reacted, yet, it’s not hard to imagine that at least some of them have been, or believe they have been screwed over by a white person or white society, and who among you would get a little satisfaction hearing of someone else screwing them for a chance, if only by proxy.

So not only does the first video not show what Breitbart claims, but it would have been very easy for the White House to handle this effectively… Assuming of course there is anyone competent currently working there.

The unedited video starts with an almost revivalist feel, with a nice church organ bit playing in the background. And that revivalist feeling sticks with the audience, who utters a few “Ah-mens”, “Al Rights” and “Haleluliah’s” scattered throughout, which also explains some of the spontaneous reactions to the “not helping the white man” comments. Mrs’ Sherrod starts off by telling the audience that her father was murdered by a white man when she was seventeen, and goes on to describe some of the injustices that occurred during the civil rights movement. She uses that to lead to the part where she talks about the white farmer. As you watch the whole thing, you see it clearly shows that Mrs Sherrod was simply telling the audience about a vital life lesson she learned, and she ended up going to bat for the guy she originally held in contempt, above and beyond her assigned responsibilities. Those of you who have not had to learn a lesson or two of that nature in your lifetime, please stop reading this and go do something else, because you’re wasting your time reading this.

Which leads me to this question: Is it actually racism to mistrust a group of people with whom you’ve had very bad dealings in the past? If we’re going to go by the standard definition — Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race are a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race — then, in Sherrods case, and maybe some in the audience, does this really show racism?.

Meanwhile, Breitbart is still saying that he only got the original video in edited form. OK. Reveal the source so we can have a crack at that person.

PS. Since this post involve the Shirley Sherrod injustice, it’s good to know the White House is making an effort to correct their huge gaff in firing her on such flimsy circumstances. The White House is obviously still in panic mode over the New Black Panther controversy, and thought they would get ahead of the new controversy by firing Sherrod to prove they don’t favor blacks in their administration. In doing so before all the details were known, they screwed up even worse than the Professor Gates incident. And, doesn’t this perfectly complement the history of the lack of vetting of anything involving this administration, from Tim Geitner’s tax problems, to the Gates / beer summit stumble, to the Van Jones / 9-11 truther scandal, to…. God, there are just so many, it’s hard to list them all.

Climategate – Scandal Investigation Exposed As Fraud!

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As Real Climate has crowed, there have been three investigations that cleared climate science of any wrongdoing in the Climategate scandal. Each investigation has its problems, but we’ll focus on the second one.

The Oxburgh inquiry, was tasked to investigate the quality of the science that has been produce by faculty of East Anglia University, England’s top climate research center and the home of the hacked Climategate e-mails, and assess the behavior of the scientist leading the climate science department, Dr. Phil Jones. First off, the final report was only five pages long. We already knew that the very small list of papers that were reviewed by the Oxburgh panel, twelve to be precise, were cherry-picked to provide as little damning evidence as possible – none of the papers reviewed were those that skeptics have issues with. We already knew that NOT ONE SKEPTIC of note was interviewed to discuss possible issues to be looked into. Well, now we find out that the papers that were chosen, were not only chosen by the University being investigated, East Anglia, but were given final approval by the very same Dr. Phil Jones, the man at the center of the entire Climategate controversy.

Yes, you read that right. The guy under investigation got to approve of the papers used as evidence to exonerate him in the Oxburgh report.

OK. When Congress investigates BP on their safety record, then it would be perfectly fine to not only chose a small list of drilling sites where BP has not had any problems, but PB should be able to approve of the sites to be investigate. I’m sure that will sit well with everyone.

Oh, and BTW, the man who spearheaded this investigation may have had a bit of a conflict of interest:

Climate sceptics questioned whether Lord Oxburgh, chairman of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and the wind energy company Falck Renewables, was truly independent because he led organisations that depended on climate change being seen as an urgent problem.

Of course, COI’s only matter when it’s a skeptic, doesn’t it.

A Monday Morning Caption.

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Just moments before the sad tragedy, Ol’ Gray Fred tried desperately to alert his fellow patrons about the run-away hay trailer barreling toward them. But, unfortunately for all, he was a little horse that morning.

Stolen From: Caption This.

Stupid Politics – Why (unfortunately) Harry Reid Will Win…

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Because, at least in this interview.  his competitor seems to have a messianic complex five times greater than Obama’s! Here is some of the answers given by Angle from a recent interview Reid challenger Sharron Angle did on CBN. Now, I don’t have a problem with a candidate having strong religious beliefs, and I recognize she is playing to the Christian audience that watches that network. What I DO have a problem with, is that candidate believing that God sent her to do this, and she is on par with those like Moses and Jesus. Note there is also video so you can get a feeling of the person that is Sharron Angle.

David Brody: Let me ask you a little bit about why a happily married wife, 10 grandchildren, living in a beautiful place like Reno would want to get into beltway politics and go to DC. This is an uprooting of your life if it indeed happens:

Sharron Angle: “Well certainly my husband is retired. We have that choice now to do pretty much whatever we’d like to and I think the reason is a calling. It’s interesting how when you have God in your life that he directs your path and this is a time in our nation’s history when Nevada gets to be the state that really can make a difference in a nation and it’s purely because the most powerful man in the U.S. Senate resides in, well, he resides in the penthouse suite in Washington DC in the Ritz-Carlton but his residency is here in Nevada. He’s supposed to be representing us and he’s not representing us.”

Now, in a real interview, my very next question would have been “How is he not representing us?’ or “Describe what you, if elected would do differently”. But that’s not important.

David Brody: You mentioned that this was a “calling”. I think that was the word you used. When you got into this race back in the primary take us through that spiritually. You mentioned the word “calling” and in Evangelical terms we think of a “calling” as something that God has really put on your heart to do. Did you get that sense?

Sharron Angle: “Well I did but it’s been a real preparatory thing. When God calls you he also equips you and He doesn’t just say well today you’re going to run against Harry Reid. There is a preparation. Everyone in the Bible when you read the Bible you can see that preparatory time. Moses has his preparatory time. Paul had his preparatory time. Even Jesus had his preparatory time and so my preparation began on a school board” (Angle goes on to list all of the qualifications that prepared her for this Senate run)

This is hilarious. She lists all these great Biblical characters (herself included) making note that they all had to prepare for the trials of life that God had laid before them. When it’s time to actually list what her prep to be in the Senate is, well, they don’t bother to tell you what they are. The details, apparently, are not of great import. Just know and have faith that she’s done stuff, has run the gauntlet, and is prepared to be Senator because it’s what God wants her to do.

In the whole interview, she comes off as having delusions of grandeur; she is The Chosen One! I was tempted to change her name from “Angle” to “Angel”. It’s just that rife with religious pathos.

NOTE: Angle does have experience, and some of what I’m reading about her I do like. But, if her campaign doesn’t do better than this at marketing the politician that is Sharron Angle, and stop portraying her as the new patron saint of Nevada, she’ll probably lose.

Taking Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due.

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This morning while driving, I was listening to the morning news. Certainly one of the big stories is the initial success of BP’s efforts to FINALLY cap the Deep Horizon oil spill. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the report was accompanied by audio clips of President Obama’s reaction to the news:

“This larger, more sophisticated cap was designed to give us greater control over the oil flow as we complete the relief wells that are necessary to stop the leak,” Obama said.

The president added, “either we will be able to use it to stop the flow or we will be able to use it to capture almost all of the oil until the relief well is done. But we’re not going to know for certain which approach makes sense until additional data is in.”

Uhm…. What’s this “we” crap? Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no “we” here. It was BP that capped the well, not you Mr President. You didn’t design and manufacture the new cap. You didn’t swim down there and place the cap. At least have the decency to give BP credit for finally doing something right. If anything, the credit should go to former President Bush, since, as you constantly remind us, BP and other oil related companies are his cronies. They are the ones who designed and implemented the capping procedure. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard him take credit where he really has none. Funny how he won’t take credit for the sluggish economy, which IS directly influenced by his flawed economic and supposed reform policies.

UPDATE: Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed this.

PS. Another thing that bothers me about President Obama, is the way the world revolves around “him”. Of course the world kind of does revolve around him… well, because he’s President of the United States! No, that’s not what I’m talking about. He always talks about himself – “I fixed this”, “I did that”, “I think we ought to…”, etc. etc. In the spirit of Vodkapundit, here is a fun game. Next time you listen to an Obama speech or interview, take a shot every time he say the word “I”. You’ll be throw’d off drunk within two and one third minutes.

Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Here Kitty!

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I have no idea why I’m positing this, but here it is.

For Greg!

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Cars and music is an irrisistable combination!

The Sad State Of California – Why We Are Where We Are, Part 2

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We being the voters of California.

Californians have always had a healthy dose of mistrust of our state politicians, usually with very good reason. Way back when, about twenty years ago, we in California were convinced that the only way to get better, less corrupt, people in office was to limit the amount of time that they could serve in our legislature. We took great offense that so many politicians had become fixtures in the state assembly and senate, that even though they were up for election and could be voted out of office, they never were. Our government was infested with the political cockroach known as the Career Politician, and they were there for life. So, the solution, we figured, was term limits. It sounded like a great solution, lets make sure that these guys can only serve two term in any one office. It works great for the governor and the Presidency, so it must be good for the legislature too. Yet, it is in no small  part one reason why the state is on the financial trouble it’s in.

Back in January, Ezra Klein wrote a Wa Po piece describing the folly of our actions.

Imagine, for instance, that you elect a well-liked local physician’s assistant to the state Assembly. Doesn’t matter the party. Our hypothetical legislator might know a lot about medical care. But she probably knows nothing about the budget. This stuff takes awhile to learn, after all. And remember, she’s not studying budget politics full time: She’s raising money and dealing with constituent service and reading up on other bills and traveling back-and-forth from her district.

So how long till our doctor-legislator really gets the budget, understands the legislative process, and matures into the sort of seasoned assemblywoman we’d want responding to a devastating fiscal crisis? Eight years? Twelve years? More?

Too bad. Six years and she’s out. Banned from the chamber for life, actually. And the problem isn’t just that six years isn’t enough time to understand the issues and the process. It’s also not long enough to build strong relationships across the aisle, particularly given that a lot of other members will have to leave two or four years after she gets there….

And here is a most ominous result:

The product of this verges on the comical. As a California budget-watcher pointed out to me, when you get Arnold Schwarzenegger in a room with the leadership of the Senate and Assembly, Schwarzenegger has the most budget and legislative experience in the room. A guy who was starring in Terminator films as recently as 2003 is now the most seasoned elected official during one of the worst crises California has ever had.

And it gets worse. The poster boy for the support of term limits was none other than Democrat Willie Brown. The guy had been in the legislature forever, and was King speaker of the assembly for fifteen years. He was known as “Ayatollah of the Assembly”! We Wanted Him Out! OK. Done. Say what you will about Brown and his favoritism, at least he knew what he was doing, knew the rules and procedures inside out, and we always had on-time, balanced budgets…. at least in the short and medium term. Here is how one biography described Brown during his tenure as Speaker of the Assembly:

Brown gained a reputation for knowing what was occurring in the state legislature at all times… [He] had a reputation in the Assembly for his ability to manage people. Brown attained the vote of Doris Allen by treating her with the respect she thought she deserved. Republican State Senator Ken Maddy of Fresno noted Brown’s ability to “size up the situation and create, sometimes on the spot, a winning strategy.” According to Hobson, “He was a brilliant day care operator. … He knew exactly how to hold the hand of his Assembly members. He dominated California politics like no other politician in the history of the state”.


We have this guy, an incompetent affirmative action pick to please the gay lobby who doesn’t even know the state laws concerning budget deadlines, leading the legislature.

My God… What Hath We Wrought?


PS. Willie Brown recently reflected on some of the reasons why the states finances are in such dire straights:

“The deal used to be that civil servants were paid less than private sector workers in exchange for an understanding that they had job security for life. But we politicians — pushed by our friends in labor — gradually expanded pay and benefits . . . while keeping the job protections and layering on incredibly generous retirement packages.”…

“When I was Speaker I was in charge of passing spending. When I became mayor I was in charge of paying for that spending. It was a wake-up call.”

Maybe we should pass election reform that rescinds term limits in favor of requiring all legislative candidates to have served at least one term as mayor. It’s just a though.

Yamaha RXB765 Pics

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Yes, it’s still for sale.

Here are more pics.