My Declaration Of Independence!!!!

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I Just Joined The American Tea Party!. I left the sham of the Republican Party two years ago. Right now they are trying to reclaim the image of fiscal conservatives, but sorry, I judge you by how you act, not by what you say, especially now that you’re out of power. You had six years in power, holding the House and Presidency, and you showed that a chick with a dead brain is more important than the financial health of the country. and yes, it also means cutting defense spending. Democrats, you suck too!!!!! If you could find it in your hearts to streamline the system, get Government to run much more efficiently – that means firing administrators, getting rid of redundant programs, means testing for safety net benefits, and eliminating onerous federal regulations that the states and local governments could do better (education anyone) – you could have many of the social programs you want, for a fraction of the cost. But instead you force that odoriferous pork package you call the stimulus package down our throats, a bill you didn’t even bother to read, full of crap you haven’t been able to get in the last thirty years, now admit that it might not work, and tell us we may need to pass another 1.2 trillion dollar worth of debt. And what is the result? The Secretary of State is forced to BEG CHINA to keep buying our debt, as if they don’t own enough already! Pathetic!!!!

I am sick of both major political parties. I don’t care about all the social / religious crap on either side of the isle. I just want a party or leaders that be fiscally responsible – Period!

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