Hooray! I'm Psychotic!!!!

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Eyes…. roll….. to…… back…… of….. head….. Oh….. Hell…… they’re stuck…….. can’t see…….

Not buying the party line on global warming is a mental disorder. Great, one more thing to worry about.

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However much one distrusts environmentalists, it is harder to discount the scientists… depending, of course, on which scientists one listens to.

So the scientists who disagrees with the doomsday faction of climate scientists are hacks. Any scientist, even the ones that are noted specialist in their field, say atmospheric science, are discounted if their research and peer reviewed studies either discount or indicate flaws in the dogmatic AGW party line.

Dr Myanna Lahsen, a cultural anthropologist at the University of Colorado, has specialised in understanding how professional scientists, some of them with highly respected careers, turn climate sceptic. She found the largest common factor was a shared sense that they had personally lost prestige and authority as the result of campaigns by liberals and environmentalists. She concluded that their engagement in climate issues “can be understood in part as a struggle to preserve their particular culturally charged understanding of environmental reality.”

Or maybe there actually is resistance from the true believers who control the peer review process. Example – a comment from one of the peer reviewers at Journal of Climate, who felt the paper should be rejected because:

“the only object I can see for this paper is for the authors to get something in the peer-reviewed literature which the ignorant can cite as supporting lower climate sensitivity than the standard IPCC range”.

The paper was later published in the peer review journal “Theoretical and Applied Climatology”. So tell me Dr. Myanna Lahsen, who here is struggling to preserve their particular culturally charged understanding of environmental reality. Maybe there is a nugget of truth to the concerns of scientist who publish studies that don’t tow the party line.

I could go on, but why bother. I’m psychotic, remember…..

PS. BTW, The quote from Dr Myanna Lahsen in the Guardian article misspelled specialized and skeptic. Jeez, you know it’s bad when someone of my flawed spelling skills has to point that out!

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  1. By Stephen Brown, March 10, 2009 @ 8:41 pm

    With regard to the spellings used in the Guardian extract … We English, the creators of the language known by the same name actually do spell “sceptics” and “specialised” that way. And that way is correct English spelling.
    G.B. Shaw was corect when he noted that Britain and the US were two countries seperated by a common language!

  2. By sonicfrog, March 10, 2009 @ 10:59 pm


    In retrospect, I figured as much. Of course now I’m bummed. The one time I get to correct SOMEONE ELSE’S spelling, for a change, is denied to me. My blog-pal Jeff Alberts will understand.

    And why is it that I can pull of a pretty convincing Australian accent, but my attempt at a proper English dialect always sounds so crappy???

  3. By Jeff Alberts, March 11, 2009 @ 8:05 am

    Both spellings are correct. US English is a legitimate language all it’s own.

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