What’s The Old Saying About Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over And Over Again?

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From a write-up by John Fund:

Democrats are reportedly busy devising a strategy as a firewall against a citizen revolt at the polls. Rather than emphasize their party’s accomplishments, they will attack Republicans for wanting to restore the discredited Bush era. “The Republican party in Washington today is no different than the Republican party that ran the Congress before,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen, head of the Democratic House campaign committee, told the liberal Talking Points Memo.

I’m not necessarily disagreeing with the sentiment, but, well, I don’t think the “remind the voters who they are” strategy works all that well when your own party is sucking eggs. Anyone remember the winning strategy the Republicans used in 2006:

The message that Bush and others are sending to alienated supporters is that, no matter how upset they have been about various policies or political missteps over the past couple of years, life would be far worse under the Democrats. They name liberal lawmakers who would take charge of key committees and warn conservatives that taxes would go up and protection against terrorists would go down.

And even more damning, many on the right will now be able to say they were right.

Of course, the Dems could decide to single out the personal flaws of the opposition candidates…. Oh, the Republicans also tried that strategy in 2006?  Whoops.

And that strategy of personal attacks didn’t seem to work in 2009 either. Politically, 2010 is shaping up to be a fun year. I preemptively declare that “flailing” will be the word of the year.

PS. Hey, it’s my first political blog since the New Year. It took me a whole six days before I dipped my toes into that pool. Maybe I’m getting better from this disease called politics.

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