People Don’t Fix Problems… Big Governments Do

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….  And we’re all dead in 62 years. So proclaims Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. He declares Earthday protesters at the D.C. “Climate Rally” are “The Real Tea party”… because, they’re, you know, green. It’s the right cause.

Sting and his wife Trudie have been in a struggle. To get the message across no less…..

Oh, how difficult that must be.

Sting: “Well, you can see the enthusiasm out there, and people are really here to tell big government that we want big government to make the big decisions about the biggest problems we face…

CNN’s Don Lemon: “You want big government.”

Sting: “Of course we do! This is a huge problem, and only governments can solve it”

He then states:

“You know, the man on the streets can do a little bit, but only big governments can stop it…”.

Sting, I’m sorry, but things do change when the “man on the street” changes their consumption habits. People didn’t start buying more fuel efficient cars in the late 70’s and 80’s because “Big Government” told them to. It was because it became in their best interest to do so. If the little guy doesn’t really matter, then why is every advertisement seen on TV include something with the word “Green” in it?

A keen observer might note that, in the B roll, the shots of the goings-on at the “The Climate Rally”, there are a lot of cars featured on display. I’m assuming they are green tech, either alternative fuel based, or electrical. I’m all for the new technologies, but time after time, the alternative fuels have been shown to be just as bad for the environment as the regular ones, and most electricity is generated by what? Also note the widespread use of flat screen TVs strewn all over the place. As the legislature of California has already told us, those are high power consumption devices. And don’t get me started on how much the manufacturing of all that plastic and stuff from the cars and TVs pollutes the environment. But I digress.

Trudie then goes on to note how she gave a speech at the UN five days before the Copenhagen conference was to begin, and how she was so buoyed by the buzz at the UN that something was going to happen in Copenhagen, then at how disappointed the activist community was with the results. She laments that no world government was willing to establish any cuts, or do something to say “we are really going to do something about climate change”, and that it was a terrible waste of time and resources, and money.

Trudie…. Meet Big Government!

She says there is a rebelious feeling within the green movement…

Uh Oh.

Then she goes on to use the “tipping point” card, that within our children’s lifetime “we will at some point no longer be able to support life on this planet Earth”.


The couple’s youngest child is about fifteen, which gives his statistical life span to be about 62ish more years. Although there is absolutely NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that life will become unsustainable in that time-frame, she believes in that “defiantly, and passionately and strongly”. Right after she pronounces this completely unscientific point of view, Sting goes on to label those climate skeptics who actually look into the science and have questions and doubts about some of the methodologies as “crazy”.

And what’s up with Sting? He’s very fidgety in this video, as if he’s either got ADD, which he may for all I know, or he’s got himself into some poison oak or something.

PS. Since some have pointed out some of the silly placards at the tea party, I must note that there is one stupid one on this vid. It says “make music, not plastic”. Uhm, have you ever tried to put water into music? It doesn’t stay there very long.

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