Viva Le French! UPDATE!

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Of the presidential elections held today, resulting in a run-off between conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist Segolene Royal (love her name, but a commie, and a girl – yuck), here is the knock against Sarkozy:

Mr Sarkozy is hated by the left as a reformer who many fear would change the French way of life by making the nation work harder and longer….

Oh, my! We can’t have that!

PS. BTW, just so no one accuses me of cutting out something that might damage or somehow mute the snarkiness value of this post, the rest of the post read:

…and by cutting back on its generous welfare state.

UPDATE: In the election, the conservative Sarkozy lead with 31% while the socialist Royal garnered 26%. Well, now the leftist are uniting in cause against the electronic voting machines used in the election. They are not right-out claiming the machines are responsible for Sarkozy’s lead, but there is an underlining inference that the new electronic voting machines are to blame for their losses. I’m not a fan of these new machines either; why not stick to the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid) and use tried and true methods of voting, such as the hard to screw up fill-in-the-bubble type ballot we use here in Fresno County. But still,has anyone noticed there are never voting machine problems when leftists win?

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