Here’s Some Change. Where’s The Hope?

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Obama, frustrated that the economy isn’t doing so good, is going to talk about… Himself!

President Barack Obama — facing a buzz saw of bad news — plans to shift his tone on the economy, ditching dry Explainer-in-Chief policy lectures for a more emotional, more personal approach emphasizing his own family’s hardships,…

“I think we’ve lost the president’s personal narrative in the story he’s been telling about the economy,” a senior administration official conceded Tuesday. “We recognize that. And you are going to see a change.”

And so, of course…

If I was good at Photoshop, he would be right in the middle….. Chip Ahoy, some help please?

Chip comes through!!!!!

best friend!

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  1. By chip ahoy, September 9, 2010 @ 7:18 am

    Does this thing accept html?

    Single frame image here.
    Animated GIF here.

    The GIF is too large to mail (I think) so I uploaded them to Photobucket. When they appear on your screen, just drag and drop to your desktop and they’re yours.

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