Green Ads – Nissan Leaf VS…

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Which one do you like better / dislike worse?

Some are appalled at the Polar Bear ad. I think, as an ad, it’s OK. The notion that it’s a horrible ad because a Polar Bear, in real life, would rather eat you than hug you, is to me, a silly criticism.

It’s a Commercial.

Like movies, They tend to take a break from reality. I mean, come on. When was the last time you ordered a $6 burger from Carl’s Jr and it looked like the burger the hot guy is eating…

In fact, when was to last time you saw someone that looks like that eating a Carl’s Jr.

Talk about defying reality!

I don’t find the Leaf commercial engaging because, when you get right down to the brass tax, the Polar Bear is a poor symbol / proxy for the effects of Global Warming. The notion that they are rapidly declining is based on computer models, not on reality. This is more likely the reality. They are thriving!

Another green ad campaign that didn’t really work for me were these Subaru ads.

“Nearly everything is recycled”… “And if you look around, you’ll see deer, and rabbits, (insert pregnant pause) blue herons…”

Don’t get me wrong, I like to be environmentally conscious, and I love Subarus…. But God Who The Hell Cares! How does the freaking car drive!!!!!!!!

I like the Audi commercial best. Here were my thoughts about the Audi commercial when it came out. Considering that since this aired, California indeeed tried to regulate plastic bags, and GE just close its last incandescent bulb factory, I still think the Audi commercial succeeds because the social commentary underlying the comedy contains a nugget of truth.

Your thoughts?


PS. Speaking of Subaru… This should have been a Subaru ad!

Granted, this isn’t green, and it has nothing to do with cars, but it’s a great commercial!

1 Comment to “Green Ads – Nissan Leaf VS…”

  1. By H.R., September 11, 2010 @ 3:49 pm

    Followed you over here from WUWT. I’ve been meaning to visit.

    Agreed. The Audi commercial is better, though it should get the paranoid crowd’s undies in a bunch. I believe there already are “Green Police” jobs in a few U.S. jurisdictions; definitely in the U.K. as some of the WUWT U.K. posters have reported. That’s not being paranoid, though. It’s scary. I mean, how soon will they start checking the tags on our underwear?

    The woman sucked into the blower was AWESOME! That clip was very well done.

    I’ll be back for another visit.

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