Dirty Games People Play

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** NOTE: Though there is no inappropriate material within this post, some of the content leads to topics that are not exactly kitchen table discussions.**

Today, one of my very liberal Facebook friends gleefully posted a link to the following story.

A number of years ago, gay activist Dan Savage decided to take on Republican Senator Rick Santorum. Here is how it played out.

In 2003 sex-advice columnist Dan Savage was seeking to mock Santorum for his homophobic statements, such as remarks he made in an interview that year to the effect that legalization of gay sex could lead to recognition of “man on child” and “man on dog” relationships. Savage held a competition asking his readers to come up with a new definition for “Santorum,” and the winning entry referred to…

That quote comes from an article in the gay magazine The Advocate, but I don’t recommend reading it. I’m not going to give the definition that was provided in the article, nor am I going to link to the article or the Google search result, because, trust me on this, it’s not worthy of print on this blog.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t like Santorum at all – He’s an idiot and a blow hard. Remember, in 2005, he was going to give absolute proof of Saddam WMD’s leading up to the invasion, held this HUGE press conference, and then…. Nothing but old already revealed docs from 2001 and 2002.


And yes, if you want to point to an example of an anti-gay Republican, he’s as good a choice as any. BUT, personally, as much as I don’t like his views on homosexuality, I think it’s absolutely wrong to smear (Oops, bad wording on my part) his name and link it to something like that. Put the shoe on the other foot. Would you be cheering if someone associated your name with something you considered vile and extremely improper? I don’t think so. The guy is lame on his own. This action by Savage was, in my opinion, vulgar and uncalled for.

PS. My Facebook friend has responded to my dissaproval thusly:

bullshit. santorum deserves much worse than this. a disgusting smug self-righteous religious blowhard like him should never be allowed to achieve any significance in our government and anything done to ‘smear’ his name is acceptable.

And you wonder why I don’t associate myself with the liberal pro-gay anti-Republican establishment that I’m supposed to belong to simply because I’m gay.

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  • GayPatriot » All’s fair when smearing socially conservative Republicans — February 18, 2011 @ 7:06 am

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