Meme Alert! – “The Adults in the Room”

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It’s here.

It’s here.

It’s here.

And it’s here.

Why do I keep hearing my own teen-age voice begging to borrow the car and screaming “I’m an Adult now!”. Look, the more you insist and feel you have to remind everyone you’re “the adult in the room”… It simply shows you are anything but!

Democrats / President Obama… You don’t look like “adults” when you fail to produce a budget for the 2011 Congressional season because anything in the budget could be used against your fellow partisans in the upcoming election, and crow about put together a budget commission, only to completely shelve the thing and pretend it never existed because, well, to implement it would be hard for your base to swallow.

Republicans / Tea Partyers… This is a situation that has been building for 30 years! To think you would be able to cut that much spending in a few years is just silly, and quite frankly, irresponsible, considering cuts of that nature would lead to more job losses – government jobs ARE jobs too – which would lead to more unemployment AND more people collecting unemployment, which you hate. History shows us that when you have a large chunk of of government workers enter the unemployed status, either layoffs of government contractors caused by the end of the Cold War, or the end of a war when soldiers come home from the front – soldiers ARE Government employees too – you pretty much Always fall into recession in those transition years. We really don’t need any more recessionary pressures than we have now, thank you very much!

Have to go to work now, which means I’ll be listening to a bit of talk radio. It’s probably too early to do the “take a shot every time a talking head says the phrase ‘the adults in the room'” game. Plus, I’ll be driving, so that really would be a bad idea… And not something an adult would do.

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