Huntsman’s Problem – He’s Not A Fake Conservative!

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My blog-pal Dan at Gay Patriot has glowing praise for John Huntsman’s economic plan, published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Dan writes:

Jon Huntsman has taken a lot of grief from conservatives as being a RINO while winning acclaim from the left-of-center media establishment as a “grown-up” type of Republican. On Sunday talk shows, he has taken potshots at his more conservative Republican challengers for the party’s presidential nomination and signed on to the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

Sometimes it even sounds like he’s planning to endorse the man who tapped him as the nation’s ambassador to China should he (as polls indicate he will) fail in his bid for the Republican nomination. I had been skeptical of his bid for said nomination until I read the Wall Street Journal’s praise yesterday of his economic plan.

This plan, as summarized by the Journal, is pretty close to the type of plan I would promote were I running for national office.

Yep! I’ve written of the need for something similar to really stimulate economic growth. But here is the very first comment out of the block:

His economic policies have always seemed attractive, however my problem with Huntsman has usually centered around his character. I’m Mormon, and I watched him in an interview bob and weave in response to a very direct question about whether or not he was Mormon. He parsed his words and wouldn’t really confirm or deny it.

OK. Here you have the ONLY candidate who has laid out a very fiscally sound economic policy, something that you all SAY is THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE of our time…. Yet you won’t vote for him because he gets skittish about discussing his religion, something that he feels is a private matter.

This just confirms what I have said all along… That Social Conservatism is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT item in the movement today, and you guys still, in this horrible economy, will chose that over fiscal soundness every time! Huntman’s fiscal record as governor IS BETTER than either Rohmney’s, Bachmann’s, or Perry’s, yet he trails all of them by a wide margin! And Huntsman had the guts to reject No Child Left Behind via legislation! Even “Mr Real Conservative” himself Rick Santorum voted for it! Huntsman didn’t just talk about how flawed the policy was… He banned its implementation in his state! With the exception of Ron Paul, who voted “No” on the bill that created it, no one else in the field can claim that either. As I noted before, though all the candidates enjoy harping and deriding the last Republican President for his spendthrift ways, not ONE, save Huntsman and Paul, will actually go on record to repeal any of the programs that make Bush such a bad President in their opinion.

Because you still weigh social issue over fiscal ones, you’re going to end up picking another George W Bush… And you don’t even see it!

PS. At Gay Patriot, it was pointed out to me that I misinterpreted the intent of the original comment. Point taken.

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