My Plan To Jump Start The Economy

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Now that Obama had laid out the latest clarion call to implement the uninspiring and already proven useless same ol’ same ol’, here is my three point Five… Five plan to get us back on the road to recovery:

  • Problem One – Lack of Manufacturing Infrastructure. Look at every strong growth economy in the last 300 year. All thrived when manufacturing was at least 20% of the economy. Ours is somewhere around 10 to 12 percent of GDP.  That’s not nearly enough.
  • Problem Two – Bizaare Tax System. You know things are horrific when the guy you chose as your Treasury Secretary can’t even do his taxes correctly!  Stop playing fiddling-faddle with the tax code and just have a three tiered system. Period. That would drop the annual rate down three to ten points, or more. Ditch most all of the deductions and subsidies and just have a simple one page report.  That bold dynamic change right there would greatly reduce payroll and accounting expenses, and put a spur into money generation, investment, and jobs creation.
  • Problem Three – High Corporate Taxes.  This is tied to both problems one and two. If you lower… Or, dare I say, eliminate this tax, that would be a HUGE incentive for companies to bring back many jobs that have been shipped overseas! Lets face it, not all environmental regulation is bad, though much of it needs a review to make sure it is efficient and effectively implemented with out putting undue restraint on business. If corporations could offset those environmental costs with less or no taxes, then they would come back. Maybe we’d see a  purely American product like Levi’s 501 Blues manufactured here in the states once again.
  • Problem Four – Corporations are NOT people! This is an absurd notion solidified during the Railroad Barron days. Here’s what we should do. Remove Corporations from “person-hood” status. This will have a boon for both political parties. Since Corporations are no longer people, they shouldn’t have extra taxes, which would please Conservatives. Liberals will like that they will no longer be able to claim the free speech right, and will not be able to donate bazillions of dollars to political candidates…  Which ties into …
  • Problem Five – Campaign Donations. No company OR union should be able to donate to politicians or funding to support legislation. That should only be a strictly human endeavor. Now.. If a bunch of like minded people want to form a PAC and donate that way. No problem… As long as that is completely open to scrutiny.

Look, we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last thirty years. The economy is immune to it. We need to do something bold, something grand that will capture the collective imagination of the consumers at large – Something that stirs the economic soul!

Thoughts anyone????

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  1. By Tweed, October 15, 2011 @ 5:59 pm

    CRAP! I just spent about 20 minutes typing out a complete way to fix the tax thing and then I think I refreshed accidentally and it is no more. When we get together, remind me to tell you about it…I have to go to rehearsal.

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