Why No Bloggy?… And Happy 7 Year Blogiversary!!!!

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I’ve been really busy lately.

Been working and playing lots of music.

Plus, since Kevin’s death, I frankly haven’t been in the mood to do much writing. I even neglected to post for my seven year blogiversary here at Sonicfrog Dot Net. I’m not going to produce one of those comprehensive “look at all the stuff I did this year” or a “Best Of” thing… That takes too much time, and frankly, I’m not in the mood to do that. And it’s pointless, because of all the “brilliant” things I’ve written, of all the times I’ve been linked at Gay Patriot or Instapundit, my writing serve a much greater purpose this year. The post I wrote concerning the death of my friend Kevin Kirby was the inspiration for his obituary and eulogy.

The day I wrote it, I simply needed to scribble something down, if for no other reason than to deal with the pain of losing my friend. Though I was not done with it, I went ahead and posted it on line. Since no one has been visiting my blog lately, I figured it wouldn’t get read and I could fix the rawness of it later. That night, Kevin’s brothers John and Jim came over to my house for a get-together, and the first thing they said was that they loved what I wrote and that it was going to be used in the eulogy…

“What? It’s not done! How the heck did they even find it?” I exclaimed, a bit stunned by the news.

I guess I had also linked the post to Facebook and Jims wife, who was in charge of writing the eulogy, had writers block and was looking on-line for inspiration, and stumbled upon my little good-bye note.

Oh, they did have to clean up the language a bit, but there it is. Of all the success I’ve had writing on this blog, limited though it is, I am more honored by that than anything I’ve accomplished here is the entire seven year span.

I do hope I won’t be repeating that accomplishment anytime in the near future. Please.

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