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Fresno In The News

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Signs of the times – Hoovervilles, coming to a town near you! Here’s the picture they used in the New York Times article. An encampment of tents under an overpass in Fresno. Of all the cities in the US, why feature Fresno? There are certainly other cities that have bigger Hoovervilles than us. Given that […]

Bill Tapia Is Coming To Fresno

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Amazing! Born January 1, 1908, he’s 101 years old and still playing. And rumor has it he’s releasing a new album soon (what the hell is my excuse). The chances are slim to none you’ll find another entertainer anywhere in the world who can introduce a song as “something I learned during World War I”. […]

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Fresno In The News – Local Heros

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Last month was my four year blogiversary. It is very difficult to keep things fresh. I have been posting more YouTube vids recently, but that is not enough. One thing I have decided to do is to focus on more local issues and news stories. Today, an inspirational story caught my attention. Even though this […]

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The Sad State Of California – The End Of The Dream – UPDATE X 2

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This post started as a response to a post at Althouse’s blog, then took on a life of it’s own. Ann’s post had nothing to do with California in any way – it was just a picture of a glass of Guinness, with a bald guy in the distance. but the comments meandered into a […]

A Friend, Singing The Canadian National Anthem.

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This is my friend Steve, bass and vox extraordinaire from the Stone River Band, singing for the Fresno Falcons hockey team. He won’t be doing this again, as the Falcons, a Fresno staple since 1947, announced last week they are packing it in. Oh well, here’s Steve.

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Prop 8, Marriage, and Lies

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A friend blogged about his reasons for voting no on Prop 8, the initiative that would constitutionally bar gay from the institution of marriage in California. In the comments someone raised the issue that if it doesn’t pass, California schools will be mandated to teach about gay marriage. Here is his comment: Sire, Sorry. Section […]

The Week-end That Was… Random Thoughts

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This week-end was very busy. On Saturday, Acoustic Highway, my Fresno band, had an all day gig at Tachi Palace, an Indian Casino just outside Lemoore California. The occasion? The annual PT Cruiser Club Show. This Chrysler car has quite a devoted following, and many of the owners deck out the cars. Here are some […]

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