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Anybody Seen Sonicfrog Lately??? (and the new old song I’m trying to learn on guitar)

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Yeah.. I’ve been real busy. But I’m not complaining. Work has been picking up lately. That’s a very good thing. I even had to cancel Taylor Martin practice… Twice! But, like I say, it’s because I’m working more, and that’s a good thing! As for the song. When I was playing bass, there was one […]

A Little Video Of Taylor Martin

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Recorded March 16, 2011, at the Revue.

One For Cliffie

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Because I haven’t posted anything for him for a while… Mark Hart… Bleeding shreds on the twelver!!!! And Paul “Hessie” Hester on the skins… your talent is sorely missed… RIP. All these guys should be household names. PS. They are in my household.

The Big Money!

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Holy Crap! Alex is wearing the horrible baby blue tux I wore to my senior prom!!!!

Bass Reflections – Music Theory vs Ear

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Before I start, I should mention that, many many years ago, I did know some music theory. The first instrument I learned to play, even before the baritone horn in 4th grade, was the piano. Learning to play both included structured lessons. So yes, I did at one time in my life know some theory. […]

Saturday February 19th, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass / Guitar Techniques | 2 Comments »

What Have I Gotten Myself Into????

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After much internal debate (it’s fun when you see it) I have decided to tackle perhaps the most difficult California teacher certification there is….. The Math CSET!!!!! This is one BITCH of a test! Why am I doing this????  Because: (A)   I really want to be a teacher. (B)  I’m really sick of being […]

God I Love Music! Pt 1,452,322

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Yesterday I was wasting some time just surfing the net, and came across this gem from Mike and the Mechanics. First, before I go any further, I must mention that Mike Rutherford is a HUGE influence on my bass playing. Very under-rated. At :54 seconds in, listen to the way the bass lays down the […]

Monday January 31st, 2011 in Bass / Guitar Techniques | 5 Comments »

“I have other songs…”.

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Classic!!!! Plus, a different scene from a different episode at the end of this clip: “I wondered where he was hiding”. 🙂

Tuesday December 14th, 2010 in Bass / Guitar Techniques, Fun Bits! | No Comments »

Imminent Release! New (old) Mr Mister Album!!!! UPDATE – It’s Out!!!

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Yep! After 20 years of being shelved, Richard Page and the other Mr’s have managed to talk the record company into surrendering the last recorded Mr. Mister album called “Pull“, and this 20 year old collection of songs is going to be released this month! For those who are not in the loop, Pull was […]

Wednesday November 17th, 2010 in Band Stuff, Bass / Guitar Techniques, Music / Video | 1 Comment »

The Sinking Of The Edmund Fitzgerald – 35 Year Ago Today.

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Here are more meteorological details than you ever thought you’d know about this tragedy . Like many of my generation, I only know of the story through the lyrics of the Gordon Lightfoot song about the ship. As a kid, I remember listening to the song, and thinking that the Edmund Fitz must have been a real […]