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New Song… Whiskey Dick Blues!

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Inspired by a facebook conversation between my friends and wonderful musicians Mike Whitten and Pieter Moredyk. Yeah, it’s a blues thing, and yeah… It’s kind of naughty! “””Couldn’t get it up this morningTo keep my woman satisfiedCouldn’t get it up this morningTo keep my woman satisfiedThat juice last night it zapped meLaid low my fleshy […]

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A New Song – The Ballad Of Sasquatch!

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It’s my first new whole song I’ve written in a while… Not counting the two I’ve had on the back burner since January. This is as much about songwriting as it is about getting more comfortable using the Presonus recording software Studio on. I’ve owned it for about two year, but haven’t really taken the […]

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Filed in the “Good Things Happen” Department… Part 27.

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I have no idea if this is the 27th time I’ve written  a “”Good Things Happen” post. I’ve written a few. The number just popped in my head, and I ran with it. This is going to be a fun music-filled weekend. Tonight, my band Laurel Canyon is playing its first two hour show ever […]

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Bass Players VS Chicks! UPDATE!

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  NOTE – I’m gay, so I have no idea if this is true!  At one gig, many many (juni) moons ago, a chick did try to pick me up first, before all the other members of the band. After I rebuffed her advances, she then went for the guitarist. I was her first choice….  […]

Saturday May 18th, 2013 in Band Stuff, Fun Bits!, Gay., Icky Girls, Life | 3 Comments »

Is The Electric Guitar Dead?????

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I was reading a review of the new Bowie album, and came across this quote: It’s also probably worth noting that the four-piece rock band itself, and especially the electric guitar — that bastion and symbol of late-sixties rebellion — has grown long in the tooth. It’s been nearly 50 years since Hendrix, and though […]

Guitaring Update.

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I’m learning a couple of songs… OK, relearning one of them. I have been doing a very simple version of Crowded Houses “Don’t Dream It’s Over” fairly well. A month ago I stumbled upon this vid of My Finn and friends playing the song with a more complicated strumming pattern. I knew there and then […]

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My Latest Song…. “The Cost Of Freedom”.

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It only took 27 years from the time I started it to finishing it this week! I’m pretty sure this is one of the ones I came up with while riding my bike the ten miles from Mesa College to my house when I lived in San Diego. The ** indicates the bit that has […]

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Somethimes, Good Things Happen! Part 387,279

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Sometimes, things come together without planning. My duo group, Taylor-Martin, my project with Jim Rust, has grown! With the addition of Jorge Apsey, we are now a trio, and Laurel Canyon is born! As the historical name implies, we are modeling our sound after the bands that came out of that area – CSNY, Byrd’s, […]

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Sea Of Sound – Criavia. The Album Review.

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Well, I haven’t done an album review in a very long time, so I’m overdue. And since I haven’t recorded anything in a year, but these guys have, I figure this is as good a place to resume the act of trying to be a music critic. Criavia is the self produced debut album by […]

Open Mic / U.S.S. Titanic Update. Part 1

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It’s been a busy week, what with the surprising election results and all. I do have one more political idea to finish up and post this weekend. But I think it’s time to write an update on music stuff. I played the open mic at Audie’s Olympic Tavern on Tuesday night, and followed that up […]

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