Somethimes, Good Things Happen! Part 387,279

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Sometimes, things come together without planning.

My duo group, Taylor-Martin, my project with Jim Rust, has grown! With the addition of Jorge Apsey, we are now a trio, and Laurel Canyon is born! As the historical name implies, we are modeling our sound after the bands that came out of that area – CSNY, Byrd’s, Buffalo Springfield. Tons of acoustic guitar, and all the harmonies you would expect.

I’m really looking forward to playing these songs!

Now, for the challenge. For the moment, we’re a cover band, and i have absolutely no problem with that. I love playing other peoples songs. But we do intend on presenting new material as well. I’ve written many songs in the past that had some harmonies in them, but now I’ll have to sit down and write stuff with three part harmonies as an integral part of the song. My problem here is that I like wordy and complicated lyric structure; stuff that Paul Simon and Neil Finn typically write. I’ll have to tone that down to make this work. There might also be some songs in my back catalog that I could adopt to the trio-harmony format. Will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Here is a song we’re working on!

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