Number 5

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Ok. I have a number five.

5. Find a way to get together with my best friend Paul while I’m in SD. He works grave yard and I don’t, so our schedules mesh like Ashlee Simpson and singing.

6. Visit my little bro, Throb, who also lives in the area. We argue about politics and stuff, but he’s a great guy, a fantastically talented musician, and a smart ass… no, that one is me.

Five Things

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OK. So I have a blog… and not only does no one read it, but apparently I don’t post to it either. What’s a boy to do? Time for a late New Years Resolution. No, screw that, it would never work. I’m too lazy to mess around with those things. Well anyway here is a list of five things that have happened in my life since my last post:

1. I was not chosen for jury duty. Was I not good enough? I feel like the kid who never gets picked for the softball team. Oh Yeah! I WAS the kid who never got picked for the softball team.

2. Started school. Getting my masters in education. More on that on my next post.

3. Still waiting to get my stolen bass guitar(s) back. One is coming back soon and one is gone forever. Will elaborate soon.

4. Going down to San Diego, my home away from home. Our friend Tanya is running a mini marathon this week-end. Also Rareform, my San Diego based band (I live in Fresno), is going to practice Saturday. Not sure when the next gig will be however.

5. I can’t think of a 5 at the moment. I do have to get ready to travel. If I leave too late I will get stuck in traffic in LA. Nobody wants that.