Hold On To Jour Sombreros'….

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… or file under “Some People Just Don’t Know When To Quit!!!”

Conservatives who are upset over Bush’s guest worker program are about to be given more ammo to bolster their case. I was listening to KFCF (not this KFCF, this one) the Fresno based arm of Pacifica Radio, and they were interviewing a rep from ANSWER. It seems our friends over there are infuriated and ablaze over Bush’s proposal to station National Guard troops along the border and the idea of a guest worker program, and are planning a new set of protests. I applauded the organizers and participants of the May 1’st demonstrations for staging a well run, violence free march. But the repercussions of that march was on display last night in Bush’s speech; that he felt the need to tackle an issue that had been in political limbo for the last twenty years. Because of his low polling numbers, Bush right now is the equivalent of the proverbial cornered cat, i.e. that is when they can be most dangerous. The protesters are throwing stones into the political pond with the expectation of being able to manipulate and control the effect of the ripples. Sorry, but you don’t command the passions of the American citizen because you haven’t convinced anyone other than the kool-aid drinking far, far left that the rights of citizenship should extend to those who steal across the border. Even Ted Kennedy seems to be against you.

UPDATE: It seems the Marxist over at ANSWER didn’t waist any time. The Protest / Demonstrations are scheduled for TOMORROW and Thursday. Any gains that were made by the May Day protests will dissolve in a sea of anger after the next demonstrations, especially if there is any violence what so ever. And I expect violence because, unlike the last demonstration, which was populated by many average citizens and immigrants who are seeking a better life, tomorrows group will be dominated by the very rabble who decimated downtown Seattle a few years ago; those who live only to protest no matter what the protest, those have no respect for property or the authority against which they protest. Why? Because they’re Neo-Marxists and have no respect for anything except the movement!

PS. Here is a clip from the ANSWER press release, which gives you a taste of their views on illegal immigration:

“As with every political program based on racism, the campaign against immigrant workers is based on dehumanizing, stereotypical lies and propaganda. Uprooted from their homelands by the process of corporate globalization and so-called Free Trade, which has led to massive unemployment, millions of workers from Mexico, Central America and elsewhere have migrated to the United States, where they are forced to take employment in low-paid, back-breaking jobs.”

Forced?? FORCED?!?!?!?!?!