Stuffing And Stuff…

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First off, Happy T-Day!

I have sub’d three classes now. I am starting to feel a little less lost in the strange environment that is a class full of yahoo’s. While I am taking steps to finalize the career change from pool guy to teacher, other things are moving along that make it hard to write about it.

My dad has been battling emphysema for many years now, and the disease is starting to progress faster than it has in the past. Dad smoked heavily until about 1992, when the Docs told him he had emphysema and wouldn’t last another year if he didn’t stop smoking. Emphysema, usually caused by smoking, is a degenerative condition caused by damage to the lung tissue that allows both absorption of oxygen and release of CO2 into and out of the blood stream. As of this morning, he is in the hospital in Seattle. I don’t want to say he is battling for his life, but he is having a hard time breathing, even with the oxygen mask. He may have had a heart attack but they just can’t tell yet exactly what is going on. Mom said he has a 50 / 50 chance of making it, but since the docs are not sure exactly what is going on, that prediction of odds on survival seem premature. But I may be flying up to Seattle on very short notice. So if you don’t see any blog posts for a while, you’ll know why.

Did I mention he also has diabetes?