I Decide, Presidential Election, Pt. 1

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Well, I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, not after the latest immigration bill. But Republican candidate John McCain just sealed the deal. He says he would appoint Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to a cabinet position. Ballmer is on my “Bad People” list for continuing to threaten to sue Linux users over supposed intellectual property rights violations and / or Microsoft patent protected code / methods and concepts he says exists in Linux. I am a Linux user, and don’t take kindly to threats.

If, on the other hand, a candidate said Ballmer would be appointed as ambassador to the UN, that candidate might just get my vote. Question: are the chairs in the General Assembly nailed down? I hope not.

Readers Choice.

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I have been holding back. There are three subjects I have been meaning to blog about, but for one reason or another, I have been putting them of for a long time and I feel it’s time to get them out into the daylight. The subjects are:

1. Linux and the SCO vs. “Everyone In The World” lawsuit.

2. Thoughts on Global Warming.

3.  Debunking the looney “Truth-Out 9/11” conspiracy theory.

Which should I do first?

Well That Didn't Take Long.

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Murtha blames the foiled JFK plot on Bush and Iraq.

Of coarse, if he would have read the AP article, he would have seen this description of the plot’s genesis:

“It’s like you can kill the man twice,” said Defreitas, 63, who first hatched his plan more than a decade ago when he worked as a cargo handler for a service company [at JFK], according to the indictment…”

Let’s see, I’m not math expert, but isn’t more than a decade ago, well, at the very least, TEN YEARS BEFORE 9/11??? Glad he’s not my Rep.