The Slippery Slope Lives!!! UPDATE!

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They told us that if gays were ever allowed to get married this would happen. Apparently, they were right!!!

And it just gets worse!!!

Gays are EVIL and must be destroyed!!!

NOTE: Maybe I’m being too hard on this guy – the pony pic could just be an innocent misunderstanding – I mean I wasn’t there. Maybe they really did just SLEEP together… Or, maybe it was the pony that seduced Tony… Or maybe he just got really, really drunk last night… Or, maybe Tony is new to this country and misunderstood when he heard the other guys say they slept with whores… Or, you know how  first loves never work out because it’s a mismatch… well, here you go.

Hat Tips: Caption This and Digg.

UPDATE: Nevermind declaring war on gays; it’s the seals that are corrupting society. (thanks mjmj, and welcome back insta-P readers)