The 1983 Subaru Brat!!!!… With Special Guest!

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What Happens When A Bass Player Starts Messing With A Digital Photo Editor!

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Arnold’s Love Child – Revealed!!!!

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YouTube Goofing….

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Some guys goofing on Squeeze’s “Tempted”.

Fun! Well Done!!!! I would watch MTV if they decided to start having fun like this again.

Caption This Wednesday # 3

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After James Cameron bowed out of the project citing creative differences with the studio, Ang Lee has been tapped to direct the “Avatar” sequel.

Caption This Wednesday # 2

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Arnold’s love child???? Hmm…. Same beady eyes… Same square nose… Opaque political ideology…. Yep.. Just like his father!

Mildred’s anxiety about her boy’s condition was mollified when the doctor told her not to worry about the pixilation… He’ll grow out of it… Fill in, as it were.

First you had Michael Jackson dressing his kids all freaky, then you had the mom injecting her 8 year old daughter with botox, now you have Arnold’s mistress putting their love child under the knive and having him pixellized… Jeez… Parents are really ef’d up these days!!!!

“Mom… Why do the kids at school keep calling me ‘square'”?

Caption This Wednesday.

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How bad have things gotten in San Francisco – The cop busts the guy NOT peeing in public!!!

Stolen from: V the K

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging?

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I’ve been tracing the wiring for the 1983 instrument cluster. Had to do it the hard way!


There are five more pages just like this. One of the previous owners of the thing swapped out the digital dash for an analogue dash. Seeing that the first generation Subaru digidash will die at the slightest provocation, this is a pretty common swap.  Problem was, the digi to analogue swap was not done properly the first time around, so, me, being me, I just had to fix it. It’s almost an OCD thing.  It’s been very time consuming… But it’s been a blast!!!! I love doing this kind of thing!!!

As a result of this, and all the band stuff I’ve been doing lately, I have no idea what’s been going on in the world…  And I kind of like it!

Magnetic Inducer!

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Too Many Wires!

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It’s stuff like this that has me rewiring the 83 Subaru Brat.