Spoken Words And The Dead.

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There is a lot of conversation about how some are handling and writing about the death of Andrew Breitbart. Here are my thoughts.

Being a student of mass media (BA in Telecommunication, specializing in Radio Video Film production – note – video editing) and also having family in the news business, I have more than a few legitimate gripe with Andrew Breitbart and some of his stories. But I also appreciated his zeal and willingness to put his ass on the line for the things he believed in. It’s the same reason I also like Matt Tiabbi on the left, and Pat Buchanan… wherever he happens to be at any given time. I have disagreements with them too, and when I believe they are wrong, I say so. But hell, at least they are trying to get beyond the stale robot template that dominates what is now the main stream media.

The most glaring stain on Breitbart’s record was his Sharon Sherrod video. Here is what I wrote about the Sherrod thing at the time. Even though only a few audience members mumbled and one or two said “yeah” in the hall, a big deal was made that the audience applauded at the admission of “racism” by Sherrod, as if the whole audience stood up in some sort of rapture over the remark, which was the intent. The vid was edited for that exact effect.

* Note, the original selectively version of the video has been scrubbed from the Big Government site. *

Breitbarts diversion that he was really criticizing the NAACP isn’t supported by his original comments when the edited video first broke. He screwed up, in a big way.

It’s the same slimy use of editing that was done last year when a few audience members cheered after Ron Paul answered a question about the choice that Americans make to forgo purchasing health insurance. If the whole video is presented, it clearly shows the bulk of the audience actually shouting down the few who cheered at Blitzers “are you saying that society should just let him die?” question, yet the left wing hacks went with the meme that the whole audience cheered with gusto and only showed the video that supported that meme.

And yes, I excoriated them on that too!

Looking at Breitbarts tumultuous career as a n internet pamphleteer, I was wondering, will Breitbart go down in history as our version of one-time anti-federalist James Callender? I don’t think so, because unlike, Callender, who changed sides at the flip of a coin, or in this case, after being cut off from Thomas Jefferson’s gravy train, Breitbart was not only committed to his cause, but was also a true innovator, and helped place more than a few brick in the information highway.

Getting back to Breitbarts death and some of the reactions to it by the various partisans. Here is the way I look at it. There are going to be people out there who do not surprise me in the least when they go after someone who has just died. And I’m not talking about criticism of career or personal chioces – Breitbart’s Sherrod video, Whitney Houston’s drug and alcohol abuse, Davey jones played a horrible tambourine and wasn’t a real musician…. yes, I did run into one of those. I’m talking about those who do the “good riddance to evil scum” or whatever. That’s always going to be out there. Hell, even when Queen Liz II, who is I’m convinced clinging on to life for dear life as long as she can to keep idiot Prince Charles from taking the thrown, finally kicks the bucket, there will no doubt a few who will write some horrible things about her, probably for dying and letting the idiot Prince Charles ascend to the thrown.

That kind of thing doesn’t surprise me.

What does is when you have a foe of the recently deceased handle the unfortunate event of someones death with class. Case in point – Andrew Sullivan on Breitbart. He could do some of the same things that some of the other media talking keyboard have been doing, but nope. He’s been reflecting on Breitbart in fine form, with reflections and interesting commentary that reminds me of why I still go to his corner of the web. As long as he’s not writing about his man-crush, he’s still a very good writer, and his reflections on Breitbart are the kind of thoughtful observations I wish more would produce when someone of Breitbarts notoriety passes away.

PS. Here is something that really bothers me about Breitbarts death…. The guy was younger than me. I can’t say I don’t have a little discomfort when a contemporary my age or a little older dies, but when it’s someone who is younger than me…. Eek! Memo to life – I really don’t need any reminders of my pending mortality, thank you very much!

“Beefy Miracle”

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That’s the nick-name of the newest version of the Fedora Linux operating system.

“Beefy Miracle”????

Sounds like a bad gay porno… Or a good one!

Note to fedora _ Stop trying to imitate Ubuntu with the goofy names, and just get back to being a great distro.

Only One Fish Was Hurt In The making Of This Ad.

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Funny ad… But… In the end… Doesn’t this just support the notion that the stimulus should have been a lot bigger?

PS. Hey… My comment got “Sully’d“! I didn’t get a blog link, but then, I really don’t care about that much anymore… Liar!