Writers Blah… Part 2

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Yep, still can’t get motivated to write anything….  Although I did start something on the turmoil in Europe yesterday. I may finish that today given the time.


Politics???? Meh! Kind of boring right now.  I’m sure something wi,ll happen soon enough that peaks my interest. But, right now, it’s boring me to tears.


There are some things I could write about.  For instance, I finally got a road bike, a used Trek 420, and am in the process of cleaning / fixing it up. Hope to have it road worthy for a little ride this week-end.


Also, I am leaving the 80’s band OutaTime. I know I haven’t been in it very long, but, things are happening to make it impossible to stay. Two people in the band  have side projects, me and the guitarist Rik. My other two are starting to get more work.  Between Rik and I, there will be very limited time for OutaTime band to get any gigs at all. And since we recently got a new lead vocalist and he’s still learning the songs, I figured this is the perfect time for a new bass player to come in and also learn the songs. We do have a gig lined up for June 3rd. I’m sticking around for at least that gig. They should have a replacement lined up by then.


On acoustic Highway – After the loss of Steve and Nancy Kuykendhall,  I thought Acoustic highway was kind of going to die on the vine. Anyone who has been in bands knows the signs. But, a funny thing happened on the way to our demise. After flirting with adding another guitarist, we decided to stick around as a four-piece. This means I will have to learn a few more songs, and write a few specifically for this band too. Chris Flores, our drummer, will get the chance to move out from behind the kit and play some guitar. That’s way cool, because he is actually a better guitarist than drummer, and he’s a very good drummer!   We now have several gigs booked for the summer, including playing for radio station KJWL at Art hop next month. That’s a cool gig! And getting more. For the first time in a while, I’m really exited about the direction Acoustic Highway is going in. Taylor Martin, my duo project, with our connection to Roger Perry, is also unexpectedly seeing more work.


So that’s what’s going on.