The Political Question – Why Am I Who I Am Politically? Part 1

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A couple of people on my Facebook page have wondered why my politics are what they are – libertarian with a dash of conservative. I started to write what I thought was going to be a short answer, but realized there is no short answer, and it was going to be longish, so I moved it over here.


I’ve always been a non-conformist…. A non-conforming non-conformist actually! 🙂 I’ve never felt connected to things the way others have… Have always found myself standing outside of things even if I’m right there in the room… Oh… that probably sounds like crazy talk… maybe it is!!!! 🙂 Perhaps because of that, I’ve never felt at home in either party. I hope that short statement will make more sense after I’m done writing this post.

Chapter One – The 70’s:

Where to start? Nixon? Read more »