Geek Alert! Going It On My Own! (again)

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Geek Talk… My Pi 3 should be delivered today.
You might be asking – or not- “Mike… What is a ‘Pi’, and why did you get it?’.
Here’s the low-down, in reverse order.
I have a blog and have been writing my thoughts on it for the past 11 years. Though I don’t write on it much anymore, it’s still a great platform when I want to air my thoughts beyond my facebook community. It’s also a wonderful archive of my life, and it’s fun to look back and see how some of my positions on things have changed, or not, over time.
In order to have a blog, you have to have a web hosting site of some kind that puts your blog on the web so people can see it. My web hosting service was pretty affordable when I transferred my blog over to it some 5 or so years ago. But the price has steadily increased to the point where it’s almost $90 every 6 months.So, I’ve decided to build my own server and host my blogs from home.
Now, about this thing called a Pi. A Pi is a mini computer, about the size of a guitar pedal, that is low powered but pretty powerful, all things considered. I’ll be using the Pi 3 to store and host my blog from home. A long time ago, Greg and I used to have a web site called Fatbird.Net. this was in the pre-blog / MySpace / Facebook days. Because of the limits of our budget, and because this was kind of new and things weren’t automated much, hosting our content was a pain to do back then. But that was 15 years ago, and things have gotten so much easier now.
It will take a bit of work to set everything up, but this will be a fun project.