Who Will Get Killed Off On Your Favorite Soap Opera????

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It may actually be your favorite Soap itself that gets murdered. They aren’t making enough money anymore to justify the expense The viewers just aren’t tuning in. It seems that these shows, a staple in daytime TV programming for so many years and, like the newspaper industry, doesn’t have what it takes to survive in todays Internet driven world. Though I didn’t watch it, I remember being a bit sad when “As The World Turns” was canceled. I think I was put off because it was one of the original soaps, and it seemed so wrong to get rid of it. But what did I know, I was a kid then and had no idea that money was involved in TV programming.

My sister actually scheduled her college classes around her favorite Soap, “The Young and the Restless”, but then she had a family, then became a teacher. She stopped watching a long time ago. Speaking of when we were kids, my brother and sister used to watch General Hospital, back in the “Luke and Laura / Robert Scorpio” days. Man, that was fun – and as it turns out, historic. I too, became busy and lost interest, plus, I never liked the Sonny Corinthos character. Now Jax, on the other hand…. (I guess Ingo Rademacher is no longer playing the role. Oh well, fun while it lasted. Told you I haven’t kept up)

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