Blago And The Magical Mystery Innocence Tour.

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Yesterday, instead of attending his impeachment hearing,  Illinous Governor Rod Blagojevich was making the round on the talk show circuit. I watch a little of the Larry King interview last night. Two things struck me.

  • Larry King actually seemed to be asking hardball questions.
  • Rod Blagojevich looks like a fool. The Legislature wants you out of office because you helped get health care to the elderly and the poor? The Democratic Legislature? Really????

Is anyone else laughing at Rod Blagojevich as hard as I am?

Here’s the deal. Blago has no evidence that will exonerate him in any way, otherwise, he would be in Illinois at the impeachment, instead of being interviewed by Larry King, who is only slightly younger than the state of Illinois. Note that Blago claims the Ill Senate won’t let him present his witnesses, which will clear all this up in a jiff. Yet, on all of these media appearances, he has not one of these witnesses in tow. What, are they all camera shy?

Blagojevich has the opportunity to plead his case to the Senate. If he presented a reasonable case explaining why this is all some unfortunate misunderstanding, it would score a lot of points with the public. I mean, come on, America loves an underdog. OK, he may lose, the deck may very well be stacked against him as he claims, but at lest he could say that he tried. Why doesn’t he? Because he knows he’ll not only fail (that can be dealt with), but he knows he’ll more likely end up looking worse if anymore info comes out in the open. He’s trying to say that the quotes we hear on the tapes were taken out of context. What, was he rehearsing a Mamet play or something?

Blagojevich is a former prosecutor. He knows the rules of the game. The witnesses he want to call at the impeachment CAN’T testify, due to the federal investigation. Those witnesses probably wouldn’t even if they could, on advise from their lawyers. Anything they say in the impeachment hearing could end up being used against in the federal trial. Twenty-to-one he chose the witnesses he says he wants to present because he knows they would not be able to testify, thus giving him cover for this current publicity tour. This media blitz is nothing but grandstanding. He’s trying his best to taint the jury pool by painting himself as the victim in this whole mess.

Sorry, but I don’t think anyone’s buying it.

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  1. By Jeff Alberts, January 27, 2009 @ 6:43 pm

    “instead of being interviewed by Larry King, who is only slightly younger than the state of Illinois.”

    Lol, I think we need some radiocarbon dating to confirm which is older.

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