For A Friend.

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I wrote this for a friend I lost fifteen years ago. I didn’t find out he was gone until I heard friends talking about him the night after the funeral. I never got the chance to morn in a “normal” way, so I wrote this instead.


Who’s to say
That the road we take
Is the road we should be traveling
Who knows
If the path we take
Is the one we should be on

Without you here
Life is slowing down
And any sense it made’s unraveling

No need to try and wonder why
Or dwell on things we left unsaid
I’m only left to sit and hope
Yours was a life with few regrets

Who’s to say
If what we do is right or wrong
I guess now I’ll never know

I can say I knew you, You were a friend of mine.
I don’t now how to say goodbye, You were a friend of mine

There must be something more to say
It may be better off this way

You were a friend of mine

This would come out fine
If I would cry just a little
This might come out better
If I could cry just a little

Just one tear
You were a friend of mine.

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