Sarah Palin Resigns – My Thoughts

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Just listened to her speech. She’s leaving because (I guess) there were too many inquiries, both legal and from the press corps.

Well, she had legal investigations. What do you expect when you act in a maverick fashion. You don’t follow normal protocol, you get called for it. And she also blames the media. Gee, there’s a surprise. One of the most over-used GOP whines. The media is liberal. Get used to it. And the Letterman thing, like so many of the other brough-ha-ha’s, would have died if you just left it alone. It was a stupid joke. Does she realize she’s admitting that she can’t handle the attention and burden of public office. But there are already bloggers who are running with this sad excuse as a legit reason to quit. As governor. Of a state with a population only slightly larger than the city of Fresno.

And that sports analogy? She’s not passing the ball – she’s tanking the game!

Bottom line – she quit ’cause she couldn’t govern and couldn’t stand the pressure.

GOP. Is this really who you want to be your candidate????

Sad answer will probably be yes.

PS. Some on the intertubes are noting she looks aweful thin…. and she does. But if she’s ill, then why not just say so? There certainly would only be positives of going in the direction of honesty, like sympathy and understanding, rather than go off on some poorly thought out sports analogy.

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  1. By Cliff Echternach, July 5, 2009 @ 10:11 pm

    She is just getting ready to launch her new television show. Ease up on her a little.

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