Dean Goes All…. Normal On Us!

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This is really an update to North Dallas Thirty (who now lives in San Fran – you can take the man out of the town, but not the town out of the man) and a post on his blog called Message To Gays”, which described anger, or a lack there of, from the left-gay community at Howard Dean for firing a gay staffer. Aravosis and Kos should be aflame today. Instapundit is reporting that Howard Dean appeared on the 700 Club and said marriage is “between a man and a woman”. If I know my demented Dems like I think I know them, things should get fun and nasty!!!! The rabid Repubs will be using this for all they can.

Deans motivation, me thinks, is to try to make inroads into the traditional religious demographic and siphon off some votes, especially in the South, from disenchanted republican voters, without whom the Dems would have a very hard time winning the presidency in 2008. I’m not sure if my thoughts on this came out as clear as I would like (it’s a morning thing). But I have to go work now so it will have to do.

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