Pandora's Box…

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blasted opened with nuclear ambitions. It probably, no, certainly would have happened sooner or later. I’ve been arguing this inevitability for quite some time, the last two years at least, with the specter of N. Korea or Iran developing the capabilities. There is no way to stop it (and no Mr. Hewitt, nuking either country won’t stop it, that would just make other countries feel more compelled to acquire it). But it would be very hard to argue our involvement in Iraq did not accelerate the process. Thank you very little, theocons.

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  1. By Anonymous, November 19, 2006 @ 11:11 pm

    How would that work exactly?

    Japan = working on attacking America with nuclear weapons gets bombed. (History)

    Iran and North Korea = working on attacking Amrica with nuclear weapons get bombed. (Projection)

    If you want America to attack you, threaten it with nuclear weapons.

    So I am not sure exactly why you disagree with Mr. Hewlitt…

    Several countries have nuclear weapons, countries that we do not politically agree with (Russia /Pakistan) and we don’t bomb them because they do not threaten to bomb us first.

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