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What is that, you say?

Well Vallejo California is trying to place a tax on text messaging, in the guise of being a city utility.

Testing…. A utility?????

Yep. They already apparently have such a tax on cell phone service, though I’m not sure exactly what cell service the city provides that would allow it to be taxed as a “utility”. But what do I know. Only this… Everyone, watch you wallets. As Hillary Clinton once said “we tax everything that moves and doesn’t move“. They are certainly making the effort.

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  1. By Jeff Alberts, November 4, 2009 @ 5:16 am

    But the cell phone service is provided by a private company, not the city or state. They already charge all kinds of fees to these companies, which get passed on to you. Highway effing robbery. And if they’re taxing the cell service, they’re already taxing texting, since that’s part of the service. They want to tax you twice for the same thing. Has to be against the law.

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