It’s Shark Jumping Day At Sonicfrog. Now It’s The Porno… I’m Sorry, Beauty Queen’s Turn! UPDATE

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First it was Levi, now it’s Carrie Prejean, who had to settle her stupid breach of contract suit she file against the Miss California pageant for firing her because…. it was revealed that SHE was guilty of breach of contract. And when I say revealed, I mean “Revealed“. I gotta tell you, I HATE fake smiles:

I don’t get it. Why do you go on national TV after something like this comes out, and expect the topic won’t come up? Oh look, she’s also been on The View. You’re an idiot. You’re not helping yourself! Sit Down, Get Away Form The Camera’s, And Shut Up!!!!

A big thanks goes out to Bill Handell, who mentioned the reason why the lawsuit was settled on his radio show last week. I regret not writing about it earlier, and making note of which news outlets probably wouldn’t cover it.

UPDATE: Someone please clarify. If you’re suing someone for breach of contract, and it turns out you were the one who breached the contract for making a nude video, wouldn’t the settlement stipulate that the other side can’t talk about the embarrassing vid, not you? Isn’t it assumed that you wouldn’t talk about it because it makes you look bad?

Why would you put language in a settlement that restricts you from talking about something you don’t want to talk about anyway.

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