Duke Rape Charges Dropped!

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But he is still going to try and get the students for kidnapping and sexual offense charges. From the MSNBC article:

“It’s highly coincidental,” said defense attorney Joseph Cheshire, that the charges are being dropped a week after the director of a private DNA testing lab acknowledged that he initially, with Nifong’s knowledge, withheld from the defense test results showing none of the players’ DNA was found on or in the accuser’s body.

This prosecutor, having changed his story more times than the accuser, now has less credibility than she does in the case. How can this case still be judicated, how can he still be working as a prosecutor after this.

UPDATE!!! Well, that didn’t take long. The North Carolina Bar has been looking into this since April. Good for them.

PS. Yes this was posted a week or so ago, but if I update it but don’t move it up, no one will see the update. It’s my blog and I can do what I want here.

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  1. By Citizen Deux, December 23, 2006 @ 6:39 am

    Sonic, see my original post, Burden of Proof” and I think we can see where politics, race baiting and the “guilt class” all come together in a nexus of deceit.

    Stand by for coutersuits aplenty…

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