Inspire Me, The Re Re Re Mix

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I am in the proccess of rebuilding the “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” section on the blog, as there was no way to simply transfer the code. The following post was written in April of 2005. This is the first time I have tried to link directly to the new sonicfrog ftp site. I hope this works.

Here are a couple of tracks is a track from my Sand Diego band Rare Form, circa 1993. This is the cover band that I still belong to even though I now live in Fresno, 348 miles away. The tape this came from has four songs on it, but two are still missing the vocals. We only had a four track recorder and a few hours, so each song was recorded in one or two takes. These songs were pulled from an old cassette, so the sound quality is not as good as I would like. But I have spent a lot of time trying to improve the sound of the tracks using an audio editing program called “Cool Edit Pro”. It amazes me what technology has brought to the average Joe’s fingertips.

When I listen to the bass line on “Inspire Me” I almost believe that I might just be able to play the contraption. I am very proud of that one. I actually goofed a couple of times in the recording. At the beginning of the solo, on the second note, I play a “B” but I meant to play a “D”. I used to be mad at myself for that, until one day (probably two years later I’m so dense) I realized “Hey, That actually works better than the thing I wanted to do!” Recording is like that. There are also some tasty slidey bass bits going on toward the end of the second verse. The funny thing is, I did not remember doing it when we recorded the song. Recording is like that. Sometimes you get in a groove while playing a good song and do little thing you’re not aware of, but it’s caught on tape. I had to sit down and learn the new part I created, but I didn’t know how I did it! I just knew it sounded really good. And Cliff’s guitar solo on this song is simple yet stunning. I never tire of hearing it!

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