Hey, Anybody Want To Buy A Blog?

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I was doing some random web searching, and went to a site that “valuates” internet addresses…..

www.sonicfrog.net Valuation $96,597.32

HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!   I could be well off in one fell swoop!

Here are the stats:

Website Value $96,597.32
Daily Pageviews 300
Daily Visitors 300
Worldwide Rank 1,062,134
Website Type Blog
Pagerank 4
Number of Pages 1,299
External Links 3,185
Reddit 2 submissions
Stumbleupon 0 reviews
Digg 0 submissions
Delicious 0 bookmarks

How cool is that! Not only am I worth almost $100,000 smacks, but I’m ranked 1,000,000 world wide! Eat that, Instapundit!….

Oh, the lower the number the better? Fine. But I’m still worth more than Instapundit…

Oh, that’s not exactly the right address for Glenn’s site?

Shut Up.    Stop trying to bring me down!    I’m worth $96,597.32!

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