Video Player Test.

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(I don’t know if this will work, but here goes nothing)

This is a tree.

Within the tree is a most boisterous mockingbird.



OK. On two linux desktops, Ubuntu and Mint, the video plays but has no audio. The video plays fine plays on XP desktops, so most of my friends should be fine. It’s a codec issue. I’ll explain.

A codec is, in a nutshell, the format that the video and audio are displayed with. Mp3 is a codec, as is WAV, DIVIX, MPEG, JPEG, and GIFF. When you shoot video, or record audio using a digital device, camera, phone, etc, the recording is store in 1’s and 0’s, and the codec is the thing that tells all digital devices how to convert those 1’s and 0’s into something you can watch and or listen to. One codec is not compatible with another. Think of it as the difference between VHS and DVD; they both contain video, but one won’t play on the other machine (try sticking a VHS tape into a DVD player and you’ll know what I’m talking about). Computers are cool because, unlike the VCR or DVD player, which are limited by physical hardware issues, you can download and install the different codecs to allow the different formats to play on you computer.

The video I posted is in a codec called 3gp. It is used on many cell phones, including my Sony W810i. Unlike Mp3 or MPEG, this is not a common codec and is not included in the Ubuntu or Mint Linux (which is based on Ubuntu) software package. I will convert the vid to a more common format so everyone, including myself, will be able to see, and hear, the video / audio thingy I posted.

PS. The video for RareForm is on being converted even as we speak.

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