A Quick Thought On Journ-O-list – Proof Of Collusion?

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Maybe I haven’t been following this as closely as I should. So far, we have seen what Journalists on the list think about Republicans and the GOP – “And maybe I really am losing it, driven over the edge at last by my hatred of all things Republican…” Kathleen Geier. We have seen that they have talked about NOT pursuing a story, and the story wasn’t pursued, via Andrew Sullivan and the “Who’s Trig’s Mommy” debate / inanity, a story they may not have covered anyway. But is there a definite thread explaining how to frame a story or spread a meme where it can be shown that the members of the list definitely followed the advise of the comments in the post?

So far, I haven’t seen it. But again, I’m not following the story that closely.

PS. There is always the contempt for “white men dominates politics” angle to be played. Here is journalist Mark Schmitt on the Palin / Trig thing:

Look, this has nothing to do with “us” or how “we” or Democrats play this story. There’s a closed room somewhere right now where the poor governor is sitting in the middle of a circle of Charlie Black, Steve Schmidt and a bunch of other white men who are grilling the hell out of her: “Is any of this true? How do you explain getting on a plane? Give us the name and number of your Ob-Gyn. What else don’t we know about you?”

You can just hear the contempt, can’t you? I wonder how many more “white men” smears appear within the text of the list?

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