Dr Dean Edell To Retire From Radio.

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I just found out Dr. Dean Edell is retiring from the radio scene. I wrote this line on Facebook:

I can’t describe the HUGE impact he had on me.

So what do I do? Describe the HUGE impact he had on me.

He is the reason I became a skeptic, not afraid to ask question. His insistence to point out flaws in even major published studies showed me it’s OK not the automatically assume that you should alter your live because of one study.

Oh Well. Dr. Dean’s wisdom will be missed. I hope the guys at The Skeptics Guise To The Universe will have him on as a guest in the next few weeks. He blazed the path that they are following.

PS. Note that Edell started his show years before a certain politically minded guy popped up on the scene. Could have helped that certain politically minded guy in his rise to prominence, but decline because he didn’t want to mix politics with his show. I wouldn’t be suprised to hear that certain politically minded guy give Edell a mention.

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