‘Tis The Season To Be Geeky! Is The Windows Phone A Good Purchase?

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I haven’t done a “Geek” post in a while, so for those holding on with baited breath… Here you go!… I’m getting my Geek On!!!

Have you been shopping for that perfect gift for someone, and found yourself asking… “Is the Windows phone any good?”. If you have, then you are a Geek! I’ve been asking myself the very same question. Though I’m an open source kind of guy and am not fond of their use of lawsuit threats to stifle competition, I give props to MS as Windows 7 is a fine operating system. Last month I got my Samsung Captivate and am very happy with it (Android Rocks), and everyone I know has upgraded their phones in the last year, so I won’t be making this purchase for myself or anyone else for Christmas. Still, I’ve been curious about the Windows phone… Is it viable in this market? Are cell phones yet another technology that MIcrosoft is, again, too damned late for the party? (see the Zune). Answering the last question will happen in time as people either do or don’t buy the product. The first question? Well, here is one review.

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