DADT Meme Alert – Showering With Icky Gays

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I was going to blog about this one, but Althouse pretty much knocked it out of the park!

Those who are harping on the shower issue have lost track of the pervasive reality that we can’t know and can’t police what is in another person’s mind — and that people frequently think sexual thoughts. It’s utterly routine to encounter people who are thinking about having sex with you. Sometimes these are people you would regard as acceptable sexual partners and sometimes they’re not. So what? It’s insane to let that bother you. If they don’t say anything or do anything or act out in any way, it’s nothing to us. If your ability to go about doing what you need to do is undermined by worrying about other people’s sexual thoughts, then you are abnormal. It’s ironic for the people who think homosexuals are abnormal to believe that heterosexuals are abnormal.

I’ll add this point to ponder. When DADT was repealed, it was of course fodder for the talk radio set. Several callers said they have sons, daughters, nephews, what-ever that may not enlist because of gays now simply being allowed to serve openly in the military. It conflicted with their “Moral Convictions”. God it was idiotic and infuriating! So these people have no fear of getting shot at, wounded, or killed by “terrorists”, but fear having to take a shower with someone infected by “The Gay”? The concept of “Moral Convictions” has somehow been morphed into acquiescing to ones fears. I mean, seriousness, can these would be soldiers who have such high “moral convictions” even go to war? Maybe they shouldn’t enlist. Maybe we’ll have a stronger military force without them.

2 Comments to “DADT Meme Alert – Showering With Icky Gays”

  1. By Palladian, December 29, 2010 @ 6:39 pm

    Didn’t you get the memo, sonicfrog? Forcing shy, modest straight Marines to shower with a few gays isn’t about DADT. It’s actually a secret plan to DESTROY THE MILITARY!

  2. By Jeff Alberts, December 30, 2010 @ 3:30 am

    As I mentioned in the previous post. When I was in, it was never an issue. This was well before DADT. I don’t remember them asking me if I was homosexual when I joined, maybe they did (this was about the same time as the movie Stripes, which was filmed where I went to basic, Ft Knox, KY).

    I’m sure all this is a non-issue, and sure, I’ve waffled about it. But really, I don’t think it makes a difference to anyone in the military, except those who are already homophobes.

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