Observations From Yesterday’s Shooting, And Where We Are Now.

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Yesterday I got ticked at the whole “Words Have Consequences” diatribe aimed at Palin… (Oh… can I still use the term “aim”?) and wrote this in response:

“Jeez. I just can’t believe people can’t put politics aside for for just one moment. Consider that many of you have posted something on FB complaining that everyone has gotten too partisan. The grandstanding after this horrible shooting in AZ does nothing to decrease the hyper-partisanship we loath. And judging from some of the shooter’s writings, he’s a REAL socialist… And probably would have shot Palin too.”

If you guessed that a ton of my liberal friends immediately started demanding “what the F*** is wrong with you… Words have consequences!!!!… Blah Blah Blah…” you would be absolutely right.

Just after I posted that comment, I posted this, which, based on our knowledge of the effects and limits of the influence of mass media on human behavior,  probably contains the larger kernel of truth:


Why is no one criticizing any one of dozens of movies or TV shows that came out in the last year or so that showed a politician getting assassinated! Because.. You know.. That probably had a much bigger influence on Jared Lee Loughner than the political ad of one idiot screw-ball pol, with whom the shooter had… opposing political views.”

Unlike the other comment… That got a grand total of one “like”.

Draw your own conclusions.


Since then, as expected, various versions of the “targeting” type ads and phrases used in Democratic ads and circles have been dug out of the internet graveyard by the right. I’m not going to post any links as you just need to google on this topic and you’l find plenty of stuff. One of the members of The Daily KOS has posted an almost heart felt apology:

“Ifullyapologize to all the victims in this shooting, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, for my poor choice of words in thatdiary. I fully and respectfully apologize to this blog and to Markoshimselffor the bad publicity amongst the right wing this has caused. … ”

…right up to the point where he again goes on the attack:

“However, I have to offer a heartfelt ‘f— you’ to the right-wing blogs, for even mentioning my username here in any connection to that unspeakable and unthinkable horror.”

Why? You did the same thing you’re maligning Palin and the right wing blogs about. You deserve to be called on it!

Meanwhile….  It’s gets even worse… because Sarah Palin has been silent up to this point.

Have their been some bright spots? Yes. Obama and Boehner have handled this with class, but the rest????

I am completely disgusted by the behavior on both sides of the isle. They are sick and badly need to re-examine the values each side claims to have.

And tomorrow, it’s only going to get worse, as the talk radio flame war cycle is set to explode…. I’m just so disappointed by it all.
I’ve never been more glad not to be a part of either ruling party.

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  1. By Rob, January 15, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

    idiot srew-ball pol? how are you setting a different example?

    i agree. i’m over it and politics have left a bad taste, period.

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