Interview WOW!!! – What Happens When Both Guest And Host Live In An Alternate Universe !!!!

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Yesterday, on CNN’s Spitzer / Parker, I swear I had watched the most amazing thing – Bill Maher, led by Spitzer, stated emphatically that Obama “never blames the Republicans for anything, he’s their best friend…”!

WOW! I’m stunned. Did I really hear them say that????

Here’s the vid:

See! I wasn’t imagining it! They did say it!!!

Maybe I have a very short memory or something, but… if I recall… wasn’t blaming the Republicans for everything THE ENTIRE campaign strategy for Democrats in 2010???

Obama never blamed the Republicans for the debt, the mortgage crisis, the financial crisis, deregulation of the banks, the wars, and… Gosh, what am I leaving out???

And wasn’t there some campaign speech given by Obama about not putting the car in “R” after driving into a ditch??? OK, logically, if you’ve driven into a ditch, and you’re being pulled out, wouldn’t putting the car in “D” be the move that puts you right back into said ditch???? The rhetoric never really made sense… but that’s politics I suppose.

Back on topic. The funny thing is, the message that everything was the fault of the Republicans DID penetrate the voting consciousness! Look at this headline!

Americans Blame Bush, Not Obama, for Deficit, Jobs, Afghan War

Seems pretty clear to me general public got the message.

So, given that Spitzer and Maher are flat out wrong, alternate universe type wrong, and Obama DID indeed blame Republicans for everything, AND convinced the general public that this was the case, there are two ways you can look at the devastating defeats suffered by the Democrat party in November:

(A) Either the Democrats and Obama have proven themselves to be even more inept than the Republicans,


(B) You can blame voters for being STUPID!!!! A winning strategy to be sure.

Well, at least we’re clear on one thing – Democrats such as Maher and Spitzer and Tina Brown of Newsweak think you’re all stupid!

And, for a bonus, If I were pulling a Stephen Green aka Vodkapundit type game, and taking a shot for every logical fallacy presented in this vary short clip, I would be happily incoherent and drooling on the floor by the end of it.

Spitzer / Parker – I know your rating aren’t where you would like. Here is some advise. It might be helpful if you present guests who haven’t been in a cave or live in an alternate universe or maybe simply pay attention to the world around them or something.

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