Why Am I Sonicfrog?

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Over at What’s Up With That, one of the guest contributors is running a little poll on why you either do or don’t post anonymously. I guess that is as good a reason as any to explain how I became Sonicfrog.

The genesis of my evolution into amphibiousness started long ago. Because I used to be able to make this cool frog sound with my voice since 2nd grade, I have ever since always been nick-named “frog”-something… “froggy”, “froggymike” “ribbit-frog”, Pee-Wee Ribbit Frog.. whatever. It never left me. In 1992, right out of college, I started, then destroyed, my own tee shirt company called “Frogonit”! Years latter, I started my current business “Frog’s Pool Service and Spa Repair” and have been in operation for 11 years. My bass guitar cabinet has one of my “Frogonit” designs painted on it, and my current business logo is another former tee-shirt design. My friends used to differentiate me from other friends named Mike by dubbing me “Froggymike”. In the early 2000?s, when acquiring internet domain names was all the rage, I acquired a few. Sonicfrog.net is the one I used most often. On the net, I was froggymike for a long time. Then when I decided to start my blog I (semi)officially became Sonicfrog.

If someone wants to find out my name, it’s not hard to do and I don’t have any problems with anyone knowing my name… It’s just more fun this way!!!

PS. I’ve been blogging for six year, and only NOW do I get around to explaining that?

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