From The “The More Things Change….” Dept:

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Europe: 1920’s – After the extremely expensive World War 1, Europe’s financial system was in tatters. Germany was expected to pay reparations to cover the costs of restoring economies in neighboring countries, due to a war they helped create and perpetuate.

Fast Forward some 90 years.

Europe: 2011 – After the meltdown of worldwide financial markets, Europe’s financial system is in tatters. Germany is expected to finance and pay the bill to cover the cost of failed socialistic governments in neighboring countries, a problem not of their making.

The last time this happened, where the rest of Europe attempted to leach off of Germany to try and rebuild itself, it created a nationalistic backlash within Germany, and resulted in the rise of the NAZI movement, Hitler, and World War II.

Here’s hoping that history does not repeat.

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