MSNBC… What Were You Thinking??????

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And I thought former CNN’er Elliot Spitzer was bad!

@ 4:11 – Rev Al, yelling: “We’re not crazy here”

Rep Mo Brooks, doing his worst Ben Stein deadpan responds – “Well, I don’t want to get into your mental state…”

Sharpton, yelling – “Don’t bring up my mental state…”

Brooks, doing his worst Ben Stein deadpan responds – “Well, you said you were crazy…”

Sharpton yelling – “I didn’t say I, I said we, the people of the United States…”

This is a FAIL on so many levels. The term “We” includes the person using that word. Rep Mo Brooks should stick to economics and try not to be funny. Who’s brilliant idea was it to give Al Sharpton his own show????? He’s like Sean Hannity turned up to 11… Then cranked around one more time just for good measure! And they just keep dancing around the one obvious conclusion…. The policy choices cemented in stone by both parties are flawed and have failed!

Hey, it could be worse… Spitzer? No, tried and flailed, and that’s not worse…. Carville??? No, I like Carville, but he’s on CNN… Robert Kennedy Jr… OK. Now THAT’S worse!!!!!

This is completely unwatchable! Almost makes me miss Keith Olbermann…… Almost!!!

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