Obama… Has He Finally Jumped The Shark???

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Great News Everyone!!!!

After weeks of criticism by Republicans and some Democrats for not unveiling a specific deficit-reduction plan, as well as initiatives to boost the economy, President Obama is set to deliver a major speech after Labor Day introducing both. According to a senior administration official, the economic measures will be a mix of tax cuts, infrastructure ideas, and ways to help the long-term unemployed, all of which have enjoyed bipartisan support in the past. As for deficit reduction, the senior administration official tells First Read that the president will offer a detailed plan — based upon the deal he was trying to reach with Speaker John Boehner — that will go beyond the $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction that the “Super Committee” is mandated to find (in order to cover the cost of that economic stimulus).

Jeebus H Christ!!!! Don’t you think this would have been more timely maybe FIVE MONTHS AGO?????? And it’s SOOOO important, he’s waiting until September… Because, after all, it’s not like there is any need or urgency to get the economy moving sooner than that! Talk about leading from behind!!!!!

Instead, you went on A [political] BUS TOUR?

Oh, but maybe this whole bus tour thing was one of the bits of “bad luck” that has also prevented him from getting the job done!

I would say President Obama is a modern day Herbert Hoover… But that would be unfair to Herbert Hoover.

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