The Official Sonicfrog Theme Of The 2008 Presidential Elections

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Dedicated to the behind-the-scenes manipulations to try and shape each candidate into the person the image-makers think we want to vote for. McCain and Biden have been on the world stage for a long time and have had years to hone their image; Obama has had two plus shaping our perceptions of him. I don’t accuse any of the candidates of being phonies, but if you look at the record of each, none is quite what they are billed to be. Our perception of them, the maverick, the blue collar populist, and the agent for change, are all reinforced by the marketers and pollsters who are hired to get these people elected. Palin is on the surface exactly what the Republican base has been yearning for in this Presidential election, a Christian Repulbican candidate who reflects, no, exudes a religious confidence they identify with. Nothing wrong with that. But in many ways politically, she is a clean slate. She is now in seclusion, taking a crash course on the proper and expected answers to political and policy questions, being shaped to be the candidate she is expected to be. As we watch the process happen right before our eye with the politically fresh Sarah Palin, the handlers seem to know our wants and desires all too well.



by  Kevin Gilbert

Black asphalt carpet stroke my feet
Internal rhythm clocks the beat
Liquid refreshment indiscreet
Poetic license so concrete

On the way toward the light
Blind ambition blurs my sight
The hand which guides me through the night
Has left me alone

Sitting pretty on my chair
My two way mirror shields the glare
Narcissus bows in useless prayer
This franchised ego needs repair

Imagemaker come to me
Make me things that I should be
I am only what you see
And you’re wanting more

Champagne Minds and Cold Duck Hearts
And who knows where the bullshit starts
The biggest grins on the biggest sharks
In the only pond that pays
Mass distribution through master relations
Can you get a leg up on the favored nation
Can you count your long career in days

So check the odds and place your bet
Let’s have some quiet on this set
Some standard moody silhouette
I’ll hatch another image yet

Imagemaker come to me
Make me things that I should be
I am only what you see
And you’re wanting more

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  1. By zach, September 7, 2008 @ 7:01 am

    I’m sure Mrs. Palin will come out in 2 weeks fully programmed and ready to spout talking points. How exciting. =/

  2. By Citizen Deux, September 7, 2008 @ 2:52 pm

    “Champagne minds and cold duck hearts”, the new winning tagline for 2008

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